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Clip Art Connection
The Clip Art Connection - If you are looking for a HUGE library of FREE clip art, you can't do better than The Clip Art Connection. The pages load quickly and the links to other graphic image web sites are super! Eric Force is also more than willing to help if you have a question.
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EZArt Graphics - Thanks for designing the C-O-O-L Ice Skating Clipart Galore logo and for other graphics used on this site. If you are looking for FREE banner BLANKS with some style and other nifty clip art, EZArt Graphics is great site to visit. Stan Pritchard even maintains a mirror site at EZArt AOL Site for those AOL members, who can't download graphics with the AOL browser on the regular site.

I want to say a special "Thank You" to Donita Dupslaff, Eric Force, Lovena Harwood, Don Korte, Gregg Johnson and Stan Pritchard for their help with ice skating images, ideas and for their encouragement. You can find links to Lovena's and Don's sites on my Ice Skating Page and to Gregg's Portage Lake FSC site on my Special Images Ice Skating Clipart Galore Page. These links are also available on my Links Page.

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