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What On Earth Is Bandy?

Øyvind Sakshaug from Norway recently sent me two images to use on my clipart pages. I thought they were hockey images until I visited Øyvind's Ullevål Idrettslag Bandy site. The bright red orange ball in the images on his site told me I had stumbled across a completely new skating sport. Boy was I wrong!

As it turns out, bandy was being played in northeast England in the mid 1800's. "Bandy" comes from an old Welsh word that means "curved stick". The sport was introduced in Sweden in 1894 and soon spread through Scandinavia and many countries in Europe. When the International Bandy Federation was formed in 1955, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia were the first members. They have had World Championships every two years since then. Other countries that have joined the IBF include the United States in 1981, Canada in 1986 and Holland and Hungary in 1988.

Bandy is usually played outdoors on a soccer sized field and the rules are more like soccer than hockey. Bandy is played with a bright red orange tennis sized ball made out of cork with a hard rubber cover. The bandy stick has leather straps on the hitting surface, so that you can put a spin on the ball. Bandy is called the fastest team sport in the world. Many spectators bring a strong drink mixture called Glögg to the bandy arenas to fight off the cold. There is also an indoors version of the sport called Rink Bandy that is played on a hockey sized rink with 5 players and a goalie.

Bandy Player Bandy Player Bandy Player Animated Bandy Player Bandy Player

Rink Bandy Cartoon Bandy Player Bandy Players Lady Bandy Player

Bandy Ball Bandy Stick Bandy Emblem Bandy Stick

Bandy Links

There are hundreds of bandy web sites in Scandinavia! You can find an excellent history of the sport in English at Per G. Olsson's Unofficial Västerås SK Homepage. The beautiful image at the top of the page came from the Dalarnes Bandyförbund site. The best bandy links page that I found was at the Broberg/Söderhamn Bandy team's Bandylänkar page. The United States Federation site can be found at the American Bandy Association and the Canadian Federation site is located at the Bandy Federation of Manitoba.

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If you know of any ice skating images (excluding photographs) that are not on these Ice Skating Clipart Galore pages, please e-mail me the web address of the page with the images. If the images are not copyrighted, I'll add as many of them to these pages as I can. Thanks again for visiting. Check back often, as I will be adding more images on a regular basis.

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