Lowering the Boom, The Bobby Baun Story

Lowering the Boom,
The Bobby Baun Story

Lowering the Boom, The Bobby Baun Story by Bobby Baun with Anne Logan - 264 Pages Hardback. Stoddard, 2000. Bobby Baun was an elite rearguard, one of the strongest players in NHL history. Known for his devastating hip checks and aggressive defensive play, Baun played a pivotal role in four Toronto Maple Leaf championships. But it was Baun's winning goal in overtime of game six of the 1964 Stanley Cup finals that made him a legend. Carried off the ice on a stretcher in the third period with what turned out to be a broken leg, Baun insisted on returning to the game, scoring a goal to send the Leafs on the road to their 3rd consecutive Stanley Cup. Here is his behind the scenes story of those Maple Leaf glory years, playing against such greats as Rocket Richard, Jean Beliveau, Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull. He shares favourite memories and anecdotes form the dressing rooms and training camps, including the antics of Tim Horton, Billy Harris and Eddie Shack. A personal look at hockey in the Original Six era and the at the men who played it. Excellent to mint condition. Our Price - $ 9.95.

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