Robin Cousins: The Authorized Biography

Robin Cousins

Robin Cousins: The Authorized Biography by Martha Lowder Kimball, 386 Page Hardcover in Mint Condition. Written and Published by Martha Lowder Kimball 1998. Autographed by the Author! List Price - $26.95. Our Price - $14.95.

Robin Cousins is an inside look at the sport and art of figure skating through the prism of one man's stellar and unusually varied career. From dawn in an ice rink to curtain time on the London stage, the reader experiences the Odyssey of a talented child who grew into an Olympic gold medalist - and then kept growing.

"Without the constraints of a deadline, Kimball has been able to talk to almost everyone who had an influence on Cousins' life. Since many of these were and are at the top level of the sport and skating entertainment business, Kimball is able to present an engaging array of opinions....The depth of Kimball's research gives today's skaters a wonderful insight into how different their sport was not so long ago." - Blades Magazine

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