Playstation or Win95 EA Sports NHL 98

Playstation or Win95
EA Sports NHL 98

Playstation: 48 NHL, All-Star & International teams, 700 players, NHL Stats. Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Tournament & Shootout modes. Rookie, Pro & All-Star levels. Loads of player, goalie, roster and team stats categories. Multiple camera angles and audio options, 100s of player moves, realistic animations. Replay, save highlights and save game options. Original CD in Jewel Case and Manual. Used in very good condition. Our Price - $ 9.95.

Win95 Only: Keyboard, mouse, joystick and Gravis support. System Requirements: Pentium 75, 40MB Free, 16MB RAM, SVGA 1MB, 4X CD-ROM, Sound Blaster or Gravis Ultrasound Compatible Sound Card and DirectX 2 video driver. Original CD in Jewel Case, No Manual. Our Price - $ 7.95.

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