66 Year Old Sonja Henie Pleasure Skates!

Here is a really nice set of Sonja Henie Ice Skates by Nestor Johnson. Comes with Two Skates in excellent condition, the Original Skate Laces (black not yellow as shown in photograph), a Signed Picture of Sonja Henie and the Original Skate Box! The box has some edge tears in it which have been patched with clear tape on the inside of the box. The box states these are Sonja Henie Pleasure Skates, Lo Boys for Women and Girls, No. SH8 Chromium Finish Black Shoes Size 7. Additional text states that Sonja is a 20th Century Fox Film Star, 10 Time World Champion and a 3 Time Olympic Champion. The copyright date is 1938 by the Nestor Johnson Mfg. Co. The bottom of the skate features a Johnson's Trade Mark, a Star, Nestor Johnson Mfg. Co. Chicago and They Go Like Lightning. Sonja Henie's name is etched into the base. The signed picture shows Sonja Henie figure skating. Finding a complete and a special set of 66 year old skates in very nice shape like these is almost impossible. Here's your chance to own a truly impressive skating collectible at a very reasonable price. Item #: ES-001. Price: $49.95. Shipping by insured FEDEX Ground is estimated at $10 or less for US destinations.

NOTE: The photographs shown above and below came from a pair of Sonja Henie skates that we had previously acquired and sold. The 2nd pair we acquired was so similar to the first (with the exception of the color of the skate laces) that we skipped the time and expense of photographing the 2nd pair. Both the box and the Sonja Henie photograph for the set that we currently have in stock are in better condition than shown in the pictures above and below.

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