1992 Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean Olympic Challenge Skating Card

This lovely card measures 2-11/16" tall by 1-1/2" wide and is in Mint condition with sharp corners and very good to excellent centering. The card is also the perfect collectible keepsake for every Torvill & Dean fan. The text on the back of the card reads: "Elevated the discipline of ice-dancing to new levels of greatness by winning three world championships and mesmerizing the audience with their interpretation of Ravel's Bolero in the 1984 Olympic Winter Games at Sarejevo. They received 12 maximum marks of six, including accross-the-board perfect scores for artistic impression. Dean, a former policeman, and Torvill, a former insurance clerk, had been backed by the Nottingham City Council, meaning the could train virtually full-time, to marvelous effect". Item #: EC-017. Price: $ 1.95.

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