Nagano Olympics 4 DVD Gold Collector's Set

Panasonic 1998 - 320 Minutes - NEW - Hosted by Verne Lundquist, Scott Hamilton, Tracy Wilson, Cammi Granato, John Hefferman and Jim Nantz.
1 - Skating Competition Highlights - 80 Min.
2 - Skating Exhibition Highlights - 80 Min.
3 - Olympic Hockey Highlights - 80 Minutes.
4 - Olympic Overall Highlights - 80 Minutes.

See the detailed descriptions for each DVD below. These DVDs feature Multiple Camera Angles (2 DVDs), Interactive Menus (Program Selection), Athlete Profiles On The Fly, Behind The Scene Access, a Huge Searchable Database of all Medal Winning Athletes in Every Sport, Cast and Crew Biographies, Deleted Scenes and Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired.
Item #: EV-008. Price: $39.95. Shipping: $2.00 by Media Mail, $3.85 by Priority Mail.

Skating Competition Highlights

Features the complete technical and free programs of Tara Lipinski & Michelle Kwan, as well as highlights of pairs teams Ina & Dungjen and Kazakova & Dmitriev, the medal-winning skate by the injured Elvis Stojko and Ilia Kulik's gold medal performance. This DVD also contains 17 minutes of multi-angle footage.

Skating Exhibition Highlights

This DVD is a joyous spectacle of artistry on ice. When the competition is over, many of the medal winners celebrate their victories in exhilarting, anything-goes exhibitions. This DVD contains 23 minutes of multi-angle footage.

Olympic Hockey Highlights

This DVD includes the US women's incredible gold-medal success story and the men's competition featuring many NHL all-stars. The incredible win of the Czech team and the disgraceful showing of the US team are included.

Olympic Overall Highlights

This DVD captures every great moment of the Games, from the traditional Opening Ceremony to the grace of the world's most gifted figure skaters; Picabo Street decending the women's Super G course; the heroic skiing of Herman Maier; the amazing feats of a new breed of freestyle skiers; the excitement of bobsledding, speed skating and luge -- and much more.

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