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I want to thank the following sites for establishing links to my pages. Your support is really appreciated. Our Links Pages have been expanded from 4 pages to 6 pages. Personal skating sites now appear on Pages 3 and 4.

Sports Directories & Other Sports Sites
Family & Kid Safe Sites
Major Clipart & Graphics Sites

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Synchronized (Precision) Skating Sites
Official Skating Sites
Commercial Skating Sites
Hockey & Bandy Sites

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Personal Skating Sites (A-L)

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Personal Skating Sites (M-Z)

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Website Design Help Sites
Internet Directories & Search Engines
Other Non-Skating Sites

Sports Directories & Other Sports Sites

Blackworld Sports Directory - A Huge Sports Directory
Louis Boulay's Home Page - Clipart Links, Formula One, Loads of Other Useful Links!
Cape Cod Recreation - Incredible Coverage of Cape Cod. Great Site!
Channel 6000 Sports - Figure Out Figure Skating Article, Nice Links
Great Sports - Directory With Over 2000 Sports Site Links
Jack's Links: Sport - 300+ Categorized Sports Site Links (Austria)
Plaatjes Magazijn - Sport - Everything From Bungee Jumping To Waterskiing (Dutch)
SearchSport - THE Sports Directory - Another Huge Sports Directory!
Sport-Events - French Language Sports Directory (Switzerland)
Sport-Market - Spanish Language Sports Directory (Spain)
Sportsbound - Sports News & Large Categorized Sports Directory
SPORTQuest - The Virtual Resource Centre For Sports Information (Canada)
SportsSearch.com - Great Sports Search Directory, Sports Sound Off & Sports News

Family & Kid Safe Sites

Cadette Troop 3900 - Circle T Girl Scouts, Ft. Worth, TX
Camas High School (Washington) - Nice Site, Many Graphics Links, Good Net Resources
Christmas In Cyberspace - Christmas Books, Calendars, Cards, Graphics & Music Links
I-Glow - Sports & Fitness For Girls Who Play
The Kid's Domain - A Huge Internet Directory For Kids
KidSurf Online - A Really Cool Starting Point For Kids & Teens
Mumze - A Cool Kid Safe Search Engine
Okidoki For Kids - Dutch & English Kids' Site (Netherlands)
Roswell Online - Great Community Site, Over 1000 Family Help Links & UFOs!
Valentine's Day In CyberSpace - Books, Cards, Graphics, History & Music Links
Welcome to The Ice!!! - A Brrrr! Cool Site From Antarctica & Lots of Antarctic Links!
Winter Links Galore - Loads of Cool Winter Links & Graphics!

Over 250 Free Clipart Sites

Major Clipart & Graphics Sites

A1clipart.net - Outstanding Collection of Graphics Resources (France)
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. - GIF Construction Set Software & Graphics Links
The Amazing Clip Art Joint - Free Website Clipart Directory
Annie's Web Treasure Box - Lots of Graphics & HTML Resources
APT Grafix - HTML, Photoshop & Graphics References & Resources (England)
Animations & Graphics For Your Website - Hundreds of Cool Graphics Links
Barry's Clip Art Server - An Excellent Categorized Clipart Link Resource
Cape Cod Clipart - A Nice Directory of Clipart Sites
Clipart For Golf Web Sites - Nice Golf Clipart & Humor
The Clip Art Connection - A Fabulous Clipart Link Resource!
The Clipart Directory - An Excellent Selection of Free Clipart Links
Clipartoday.com - An Extensive Categorized Directory of Clipart Sites
The Clipart.net Directory - Another Large Clipart Links Directory
Cliparts Sites - Portuguese Language Clipart Directory - 650+ Sites (Brazil)
Cyber Greeting Card Index - Send 100s of Nicely Categorized Free Greeting Cards
Desktop Publishing Com - Incredible Desktop Publishing & Clipart Links
Elly's Slice of Cyberpie - Totally Cool Dreamdweller Backgrounds & Graphics Links
EZArt Graphics - Check Out The EZBanners!
GIFPILE - A Nice Selection of Clipart Sites
Golf Clipart For Free - 1,000+ Golf Images, Backgrounds, Buttons & Animations
graphicsforum.com - Extensive Graphics Links, Software FAQs & Graphics Resources
Graphiken, Graphiken Und Nochmal Graphiken - German Language Graphics Directory
IconCool - Icon Editor, Extractor & Library Manager, 100s of Icon Links
The Iconolog - Icons Icons Everywhere, 100s of Links
Little Wing Clipart -20 Pages of Clipart Plus Great Clipart, History & Mythology Links
Maddie's Graphics Store - Animal, Fantasy, Holiday, Kids & Religious Graphics Sites
People Graphics Galore - Links To Graphics Sites Featuring People
Sports Clip Art - Big Directory of Free Sports Clipart Sites
Michael Strang - An Excellent Landscape Artist (England)
The Whole Internet Clipart Guide - From Best Of The Web
World Free Icons - Japanese Directory of Free Icon Sites (Japan)
Zapa.com - Free Buttonz, Cardz, Gagz, Gizmoz, Photoz & More. Too Cool For Wordz!

Not Linked? Not Getting Enough Hits?

Let's help each other. Establish a link on your site to Ice Skating Clipart Galore or Ice Skating In The Desert and I will gladly establish a reciprocal link back to your site. I can't extend this offer to "adult" sites or sports gambling sites, but every general audience site is welcome! Once your link is established, e-mail me with the URL of the page that you want me to link to and I'll promptly return the favor. Here's two small logos you can use with the link, if you want to do so.

Small Logo Animated Logo

Disclaimer - A Note From Lisa's Dad

As parents we have a responsibility to supervise our children when they access the Internet. While most ice skating sites are probably General Audience sites in nature, Lisa's site also has reciprocal links with hockey sites and non-skating sites. In fact, we welcome the added traffic to Lisa's site that such reciprocal links provide.

We do not ask for links from and will not provide reciprocal links to obvious "adult" sites and sports gambling sites, but we can't review every site that wants to link to Ice Skating Clipart Galore or Lisa's personal pages. Please exercise your responsibility and good judgement when your children are linking to other web sites through the links on this page or any other link page on the Internet.

If you find a reciprocal link on this page to a site that you consider unsuitable for a child to view (lewd or offensive in nature), please e-mail me at skating@bizforms.com. I will personally review the site concerned and remove the link on this page, if I agree with you.

Thanks for your time and concern,
Frank Hlavacek

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