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Writing poetry can take a lot of time, especially when you try to rhyme a word like orange. Other times words seem to rhyme themselves without even trying. It's really fun to think up an idea and put it into words that rhyme. I've included poems about cats, colors, candy, snow, love, music, nonsense, cheetah and the prairie on this page. I hope you enjoy these poems as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Cats on Mats,
Kittens in Mittens

Cats on Mats,
Kittens in mittens
Nice, cozy, and warm,
Are sleeping with the rest of the animals
On the cozy farm.

The sky is clear,
The crickets are near
Singing their midnight song,
Are singing for the farm animals
All through the whole night long.

Cats on Mats,
Kittens in Mittens
Nice, cozy, and warm,
When the rooster crows his crow,
They wake up in alarm.

Cat With Yarn


What is your favorite color?
Green's the color of a dollar,
Yellow is the second best color you can get,
Orange is the color of a pretty sunset,
Purple is the color of a midnight sky,
Blue is the color inside a delicious blueberry pie,
Black is the color of the gloomy dark,
And brown is the color of a tree bark.
But red is my favorite color,
No one can convince me it's not,
Even if they'll pay me a dollar.

Atomic Energy


If you buy candy,
It will make you feel grandy.
Then more teeth rot,
As more candy is bought.

When you eat candy,
You will feel very dandy,
That you want to jump for joy,
Like a little boy.

When you digest candy,
You don't feel so grandy,
And more teeth rot,
So you don't feel so hot.

The dentist LOVES candy,
That makes people feel dandy,
Because the more candy that is bought,
The more fillings are sought.

If you buy candy,
You might feel grandy,
But more teeth rot,
As more candy is bought.

Candy Bar

First Snow

I saw something soft, something white,
It made everything so beautifully bright,
It was quite a sight to see,
Oh, it was all so fascinating to me!


All I saw was snow,
And how it shimmered with a glow.
The kittens were prancing about,
And shaking their paws without a doubt.

The birds were singing a song,
But the moment did not last that long,
For soon the snow had melted away
And that was the end of a wonderful day.


Heart beating, heart singing,
The whole body is tingling,
Nice, great, delightful,
Swift, flying, wonderful,
Heart beating, heart breaking,
The whole world is falling,
Despondent, sad, spiteful,
Angry, mad and distasteful.

Love is a river with many routes,
It overwhelms us with fears and doubts,
Yet it is wonderful when it is right,
Showing us the beautiful light,
Angry, sad, happy, afraid,
Love grows and it fades,
Love is anonymous and unpredictable,
And will always remain incontrovertible.



Music calms the mind,
It lightens up your soul,
It takes you to another place,
And vanquishes turmoil.

Music can be dreary,
Music can be sad,
But oh! it then can be so bright,
And then you don't feel so bad.

Music can have excitement points,
Music can have a low tone,
It can be very high in pitch,
Or like bees humming their drone.

We use music for dancing,
We listen to it for pleasure,
And we learn every note,
Measure for measure.


The Nonesense Poem

This is a poem
With no palindromes,
It has no plot
For that I forgot,
It hasn't any gerunds
For they are on errands,
This poem may not make much sense
For it is designed to keep you tense.

This is the Nonsense Poem,
Designed to make you moan and groan,
The only thing it does is rhyme,
All things else had come before time,
The effort is useless, you may say,
To create this poem on a beautiful day,
Okay, I am now done,
Since you so badly want to end the fun.

Happy Face


An animal with beautiful fur,
Black spots on a yellow sun,
It may or may not purr,
But it sure can run.

Animated Cheetah

The cheetah is very rare,
Because of people who did not care,
Now that their fun's done,
The preservation of this race has now just begun.

It's fur was and is used as a garment,
To fit the wealthy and rich,
Cheetahs have survived a lot of torment,
I hope by now you're getting the pitch.

Cheetahs are a beautiful race,
But were treated with disgrace,
People have finally realized this,
But before it was something they had missed.


As I walked through the prairie,
It was yellow as a canary,
And since it was Fall,
We will feed the horses
At the enormous stall.

Galloping Horse

I'll tell you from my memory
Since the day I met Mary,
For she was my very best friend,
From the beginning to the end.

When I first came to the prairie,
I came in a ferry,
With my brother Larry
Who was very hairy.

My father, named Harry,
Worked in a dairy,
Took us to the prairie
To see the horses at the stall,
Since it was fall.


And that is where I met Mary,
A girl with hair the color of a canary,
And when I saw her,
I thought I was a cat without fur.

She was so tall,
That girl at the stall
I'm not surprised that a fairy
Would think she is scary.

She was so pretty,
That girl with the kitty
Whose fur was pure white,
Yet he runs in fright.

She asked, "What is your name,
A city girl so tame.
My name is Mary,
But the people who are calm
Live in the prairie."

"My name is Sandy,
A girl who loves candy,
But I live on a farm
Where it is cozy and warm."

So we talked to each other
And then I met her mother
Who was so nice
And I loved her spicy rice.

Then Mary married Gary,
Who had a ranch in the prairie,
Mary says he's cute,
And he plays the flute.

I went on the ferry
Where I met Jerry,
Who was so kind,
And that kind of person
Was very rare to find.

He took me out to lunch
To give me something to munch,
And after that lunch,
I found out that
I loved him a bunch


We stayed in our house for a year,
And marriage was very near,
For Jerry asked me to marry him
At the same time as Larry and his fiancÚ, Kim.

So that is my tale,
A story never to fail,
For our lives were full of laughter,
And we lived happily ever after!

The End

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