Universal Deluxe Skate Guards

Please note that Guardog has discontinued some Universal Deluxe colors and added many new colors. The following images show the currently available colors and note which colors are discontinued. Please check for availability, if we list the color as discontinued.

Gelz Skate Guards

The Orange and Yellow Gelz Guards are discontinued items. We have limited supplies available on the 2 discontinued colors.

Glitz Skate Guards

We now have Silver Glitz Guards available (not pictured) which replaces the White Glitz Guards. The Red Guards are a darker Deep Ruby Red than shown in the illustration below.

Glowz Skate Guards

We are currently supplying Jerry's Glow Guards for Orange and Yellow and GuarDog Glowz Guards for Blue, Green and Pink. Image Not Available.

Pearlz Skate Guards

Ty-Dyz Skate Guards

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