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The format on this page has been modified to match the layout on our Collectibles pages. Items will be listed in a table with a brief synopsis. Clicking on the item link will take you to a separate page with more complete item descriptions and illustrations. In addition to stock skating books we have many out of print and one-of-a-kind collectible items. This page will change rapidly with new items being added and sold items being removed on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy my expanded Skating books selection and visit often to discover our new titles.

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Skating Books

I'm pleased to offer a nice selection of top selling ice skating and figure skating titles. Written and illustrated by leading skating authors and photographers, these delightful books will provide you with many hours of learning and pleasure in the years to come. Many of these skating books are out of print or one-of-a-kind collector's items! The book selection will change rapidly with new items being added and sold items being removed on a regular basis. Clicking on the item link will take you to a separate page with more complete item descriptions and illustrations. All books discounted from 10% to 60%. We ship books by Media Mail unless you request Priority Mail shipping. Shipping to US destinations by Media Mail is $3.00 for the first pound and $3.50 for 2 pound shipments. Shipping by Priority Mail is from $5.20 to $5.95 for the first pound and from $5.20 to $10.20 for 2 pound shipments depending on your postal zone.

ThumbnailItem #DescriptionAmount
My Sergei, A Love StoryEB-001My Sergei, A Love Story by Ekaterina Gordeeva with E. M. Swift - 292 Pages - First Edition - $18.95 List. A touching memoir of happiness remembered, great love lost and insight gained. Over 75 vivid photographs, many from Katia's private collection.$ 9.95
Figure Skating SchoolEB-002Figure Skating School by James Young and Peter Morrissey - 128 Pages - $19.95 List. 9" x 12" softcover book is filled to the brim with excellent instructions, colored illustrations, detailed diagrams and fabulous photographs of skating champions.$17.95
Skate TalkEB-003 Skate Talk by Steven Milton - 220 Pages - $14.95 List. Through dozens of interviews with the most celebrated stars on ice, this book takes you to the very heart of figure skating. Filled with wonderful insights by more than 60 skating stars.$12.95
Skating SuperstarsEB-004 Skating Superstars by Allison Gertridge - 40 Pages - $4.95 List. 16 full page color poster photos and full page profiles of skating stars like Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan, Lu Chen, Elvis Stojko and Kurt Browning. Will delight the skating fan in your family.SOLD
Skating Superstars IIEB-005 Skating Superstars II by Allison Gertridge - 40 Pages - $5.95 List. Encore publication with 16 full page color poster photos and full page profiles of skating stars like Tara Lipinski, Todd Eldredge, Bourne & Kraatz, Ilia Kulik and Grishuk & Platov.SOLD
Spectator's Guide To Figure SkatingEB-006 A Spectator's Guide To Figure Skating by Debbi Wilkes - 88 Pages - $9.95 List. If you can't tell a lutz from a klutz then this book is for you. Detailed instructions explain how to execute each maneuver and dozens of drawings show all of the steps along the way.$ 8.95
Skate - 100 Years of Figure SkatingEB-007 Skate - 100 Years of Figure Skating by Steve Milton with principal photography by Barbara McCutcheon - 200 Pages - $29.95 List. History, Judging, Athleticism, Artistry, Precision Skating, Professionals, Rock & Roll, you name it and it's here. Extensive glossary of skating terms, Olympic and World records and many previously unpublished images.$24.95
Used $14.95
Sarah Hughes - Skating To The StarsEB-008 Sarah Hughes - Skating To The Stars by Alina Sivorinovski - 140 Pages - $ 9.95 List. Unauthorized biography of America's new figure skating sensation. Nice coverage from family matters to world class skater. 8 pages of color photos.$ 6.95
Ice Skating - From Axels To ZambonisEB-009 Ice Skating - From Axels To Zambonis by Dan Gutman - 176 Pages - $14.99 List. Excellent overview from the early beginnings of the sport to the superstars of the 90's. Lively anecdotes and fascinating facts bring the sport to life. See EB-055 for an updated version.SOLD
Dreams of GoldEB-010 Dreams of Gold by Maynard F. Thompson - 452 Pages - $22.00 List. A wonderful novel that reveals and brings two fascinating worlds to life: Modern Japan and competitive figure skating. A moving story of a skater's quest for Olympic Gold.$9.95
Bonnie Blair - Golden StreakEB-011 Bonnie Blair - Golden Streak by Cathy Breitenbucher - 64 Pages - $5.95 List. The story of lightning fast speed skater Bonnie Blair, one of America's greatest Olympic Gold Medalists. Over 30 pictures, many in color.SOLD
Tara Lipinski - Triumph On IceEB-015 Tara Lipinski - Triumph On Ice An Autobiography as told to Emily Costello - 116 Pages - $15.95 List. Tara reveals what makes her such a great athlete, her love of skating, her friends, her coach, her family and her accomplishments outside of skating. SOLD
Totally Tara - An Olympic JourneyEB-016 Totally Tara - An Olympic Journey by Tara Lipinski - 144 Pages - $25.00 List. An oversize book full of pictures and an insightful recounting of Tara's journey from being the youngest US Champion to the winner of the Olympic Gold Medal.$12.95
Figure Skating For DummiesEB-017 Figure Skating For Dummies by Kristi Yamaguchi - 346 Pages - $19.99 List. Your complete guide for figure skating. Identifies skating elements, demistifies technical jargon, judging and scoring. Kristi's experience and passion for skating comes through on every page.SOLD
Peggy Fleming - The Long ProgramEB-019 Peggy Fleming - The Long Program by Peggy Fleming with Peter Kaminsky - 210 Pages. $24.95 List. In this intimate memoir Peggy Fleming eloquently reveals her fascinating life story and shares her secrets to serenity and success.$12.95
Orser - A Skater's LifeEB-020 Orser - A Skater's Life by Brian Orser with Steve Milton - 214 Pages - $19.95 List. The remarkable story of a small town boy who became Canada's best hope for Olympic Gold at Calgary.$ 9.95
Edge of GloryEB-021 Edge of Glory by Christine Brennan - 416 Pages - $25.00 List. The Inside Story of the quest for figure skatings' Olympic Gold Medals.$12.95
Skating - Elegance On IceEB-023 Skating - Elegance On Ice by Howard Bass - 96 Pages. This excellent 1980 oversize book traces the history of skating, covers technical merit and artistic presentation, pairs skating, ice dancing, the Olympics and more!$12.95
Landing ItEB-024 Landing It - My Life On And Off The Ice by Scott Hamilton with Lorenzo Benet - 340 Pages - $25.95 List. The moving story of a true champion who shares his highs and lows, victories and defeats, his brave battle against cancer and his triumphant return to professional skating.SOLD
Secrets of SkatingEB-025Secrets of Skating by Oksana Baiul - 144 Pages - $29.95 List. An oversize book with loads of photography. In words and captivating pictures, the secrets of this exacting sport are beautifully and elegantly brought to life through Oksana's unique perspective.$ 14.95
IcebreakerEB-026 Icebreaker - The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo by Rudy Galindo with Eric Marcus - 255 Pages - $23.00 List. This remarkable story chronicles the making of an American Champion and proves that dignity, determination and honesty can transform adversity into triumph.$ 9.95
SkatingEB-027 Skating by Harold Putnam and Dwight Parkinson - 115 Pages - 1939 First Edition. A classic skating book written by members of the 1937 Dartmouth skating team. Covers history, fundamentals, school figures, speed skating, free skating, dancing and more.SOLD
Thumbs UpEB-029 Thumbs Up! The Elizabeth Manley Story as told to Elva Clairmont Oglanby - 224 Pages - MacMillan of Canada 1990. $24.95 List. In this frank personal account, Elizabeth describes career ups and downs and takes us behind the scenes in the international skating world. An inspirational and amazing story. Used in excellent condition.SOLD
TollerEB-030 Toller by Elva Oglanby - 131 Pages - Gage Publishing Ltd. 1975. Defying tradition, Toller Cranston single-handedly changed the face of figure skating. In a unique collection of photographs, interviews, poems and sketches, Elva Oglanby has caught Toller's personality, moods and nuances. Includes many sketches and photographs of Toller's artwork. Ex-library edition in overall good condition.$ 9.95
Queen of Ice, Queen of ShadowsEB-050 Queen of Ice, Queen of Shadows by Raymond Strait and Lief Henie - 339 Pages - Scarborough House, 1990. Softcover. Previous owner inscription. Subtitled "The Unsuspected Life of Sonja Henie". Hard hitting, candid and well researched biography of Sonja Henie. This book shatters the image of Sonja as a blond bundle of energy. Sonja Henie fans may be shocked, but her story is so compelling that readers will find it irresistible. Some lightly bent page corners, book in overall very good condition.SOLD
IcestarsEB-051 Icestars by Kevin Bursey - 111 Pages - Triumph Books 1999. List Price $22.95. Oversize hardcover book that is a celebration of the artistry, beauty and grace of the ice-skating world. Contains biographies of figure skating stars both past and present and complete Olympic and World Championship gold medal winner listings. Over 100 stunning color photos capture the stars in action. Mint Condition. New Lower Price.$12.95
Figure Skating Championship TechniquesEB-052 Figure Skating Championship Techniques by John Misha Petkevich - 288 Page Softcover - Sports Illustrated 1989. List Price $12.95. Scarce how-to book by the former U.S. Champion. What to look for in skates, clothing, rinks and instruction. 6 basic turns every skater should know. 15 spins that you can master. Much much more. Very Good to Excellent Condition.$9.95
Gold On IceEB-053 Gold On Ice by Beverly Smith - 80 Page Softcover - Key Porter Books 2002. List Price $16.95. The Sale and Pelletier Story and their defining moment in Olympic history. Features more than 60 stunning full-color pictures documenting their early lives as well as highlights from their flawless Olympic program. Mint Condition. Price Reduced.$ 6.95
Choreography & Style For Ice SkatersEB-054 Choreography & Style For Ice Skaters by Ricky Harris - 149 Page Hardcover - St. Martin's Press 1980. Autographed Copy, Former owner's inscription. A scarce classic skating book that not only explains the basics of figure skating choreography and how to create great skating programs, but goes further into the realm of energy, discipline, perserverance and confidence to obtain one's goals. Dust jacket has moderate to heavy wear. Book in Very Good to Excellent Condition.SOLD
Ice SkatingEB-055 Ice Skating by Dan Gutman - 178 Page Softcover - Puffin Books 1995. Subtitled "An Inside Look at the Stars, the Sport and the Spectacle". An updated version of "From Axels to Zambonis". Features "A Day In The Life of Tara Lipinski". Light shop wear. Excellent to Near Mint Condition.SOLD
Passion To SkateEB-056 Passion To Skate by Sandra Bezic with David Hayes - 174 Page Oversize Hardcover. List Price: $29.95. Turner Publishing, Inc 1996. Gift Inscription - An intimate view of figure skating. Sandra gives us and intimate view of this most demanding and dramatic sport. Her essays and a stunning collection of images create a book unique in content and style. Excellent to Near Mint Condition. Also Available, 1 Softcover Copy in Very Good Condition (List Price $16.95).$14.95

$ 9.95
Robin CousinsEB-057 Robin Cousins: The Authorized Biography by Martha Lowder Kimball, 386 Page Hardcover in Mint Condition. Written and Published by Martha Lowder Kimball, 1998. Autographed by the Author! List Price - $26.95. The reader experiences the Odyssey of a talented child who grew into an Olympic gold medalist - and then kept growing.$14.95
When Hell Freezes OverEB-058 When Hell Freezes Over: Should I Bring My Skates? by Toller Cranston and Martha Lowder Kimball, 296 Page Softcover in Mint Condition, McClelland & Stewart 2001. List Price - $26.95. This is not so much a sequel to Toller Cranston's previous best-selling memoir, Zero Tollerance, as a companion volume.$12.95
Forever Two As OneEB-059 Forever Two as One by Tai Babilonia, Randy Gardner and Martha Lowder Kimball, Oversize 9" x 11.5", 208 Page Hardcover in Mint Condition, Millpond Press 2002. Includes a Bookplate Autographed by Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner! List Price - $59.95. A stunningly beautiful book on skating and the lives of Tai and Randy!SOLD

Collectible Figure Skating Calendars

I'm pleased to offer a nice selection of collectible ice skating and figure skating calendars. Many of these skating calendars are out of print or one-of-a-kind collector's items! The calendar selection will change rapidly with new items being added and sold items being removed on a regular basis. Clicking on the item link will take you to a separate page with more complete item descriptions and illustrations. We ship calendars by Media Mail unless you request Priority Mail shipping. Shipping to US destinations by Media Mail is $3.00 for the first pound and $3.50 for 2 pound shipments. Shipping by Priority Mail is $5.20 to $5.95 for the first pound and from $5.20 to $10.205 for 2 pound shipments depending on your postal zone.

ThumbnailItem #DescriptionAmount
1998 US Team CalendarEC-0011998 United States Figure Skating Team Calendar, 12-1/2" x 10-1/4". Beautiful Photos in USFSA Licensed Calendar. Near Mint Condition.$ 9.95
1998 Champions On Ice CalendarEC-0021998 Champions On Ice Calendar, 10-3/8" x 8". Calendar was issued as supplement to the Blades On Ice Magazine. Fabulous photographs of skating champions. Near Mint Condition.$ 9.95
2000 Stars On Ice CalendarEC-0032000 Stars On Ice Calendar, 12-1/2" x 10-1/4". Fabulous photographs of skating champions. Near Mint Condition.SOLD
J. Barry Mittan's 2001 Figure Skating Calendar, Calendriers, Kalender, Calendarii, Calendários, Calendarios2001-122001 Art Of Figure Skating Calendar - 12" x 12" 16 month calendar (Sept 2000 - Dec 2001). Each calendar is chock full of high quality images taken by ice skating's premier photojournalist. Also available in 6" x 6" size (Item #: 2001-6). Clearance Priced.$ 6.95

$ 3.95


Please contact me if you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributer of ice skating accessories of any kind. I specifically need suppliers for bumper stickers, coffee mugs, decorative stickers, dolls, jewelry boxes, keychains, license plate holders, ornaments, patches, picture frames, porcelain figurines, posters, safety items, stationery, sweat shirts and t-shirts. I do not plan to carry blades, boots or costumes at this time.

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