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This page is different from most of my other accessories pages in that it contains many one of a kind collectible items. The books, dolls, plates, records and skates featured will frequently be sold out to the first customer who places an order! This page also will change rapidly with new items being added and sold items being removed on a regular basis. The layout is somewhat different too. Items will be listed in a table with a brief synopsis. Clicking on the item link will take you to a separate page with more complete item decriptions and illustrations. I hope you enjoy my Hans Brinker Collectibles Page and visit often for a brand new selection.

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Hans Brinker Books

We are pleased to offer the following selection of Hans Brinker books for your reading enjoyment and investment opportunity. Since first being published in 1866 as a story of life in Holland, Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates has been published in several hundred editions and translated into dozens of languages. Mary Mapes Dodge won the literature award of the French Academy for the book, which has since acquired the stature of an immortal children's and skating classic. The book has even become required reading in some learning curriculums. The setting is 19th Century Holland and the main characters are Hans Brinker and his younger sister Gretel. The book is centered around their many adventures living in the Dutch countryside including Hans' quest for a pair of silver skates. Our selection of Hans Brinker editions goes back into the 1800s. Many editions have been illustrated by famous artists and are treasured as true collector's items. Most editions can by shipped to US destinations for $2.75 to $3.25 by Media Mail or for $4.60 to $9.00 by Priority Mail.

ThumbnailItem #DescriptionAmount
HB-8661866 Hans Brinker - Rare First Edition, James O'Kane, Publisher. 347 Pages. Has been repaired, chip at bottom of spine, both spine and pages are tight, 1866 gift inscription. Overall Good Condition.$495.00
HB-8961896 Hans Brinker - New Amsterdam Edition, Charles Scribner's Sons. Illustrated by Allen B. Doggett. 393 pages, tight spine. Pencilled owner's inscription. Overall G-VG.$24.95
HB-9061906 Hans Brinker - Charles Scribner's Sons. Lovely frontispiece by F. Schulers entitled "On The Canal". 275 pages, relatively tight binding, overall G-VG condition.$14.95
HB-9181918 Hans Brinker - David McKay, Publisher. Colored Illustrations by Maginel Wright Enright. 345 pages, loose spine cover, inked owner's name, binding still secure, overall Good condition.SOLD
HB-9191919? Hans Brinker - Hurst & Company. Undated circa 1919, 352 pages, no illustrations. Weakened spine, crossed out owner's inscription, heavily yellowed pages, several interior blank pages (printer's error). Overall Fair condition.$9.95
HB-9201920? Hans Brinker - A. L Burt Company. Undated circa 1920, 304 pages, illustrated by J. Watson Davis. Light weakening at spine, reasonably tight binding. Overall G-VG condition.$14.95
HB-9211921? Hans Brinker - Grosset & Dunlap. Undated circa 1921, 313 pages, no illustrations. Small chip at bottom of front cover, reasonably tight binding, owner's lightly inked inscription. Overall G-VG condition. 2nd Copy - More wear at spine and corners. Overall Good condition.$14.95

HB-9241924 Hans Brinker - Harper & Brothers. First edition with Louis Rhead Illustrations, 341 pages, numerous black and white illustrations, tight binding, light page yellowing and foxing. Overall VG condition.$24.95
HB-9251925 Hans Brinker - John C. Winston Company. Illustrated by Clara M. Burd. 304 pages, colored plates, tight binding, well cared for book. Overall VG to Excellent condition.$29.95
HB-9251926 Hans Brinker - Charles Scribners Sons. Illustrated by George W. Edwards. 329 pages, colored plates, tight binding, owner's inscription. Overall VG condition.$29.95
HB-9321932 Hans Brinker - Garden City Publishing. Scarce N.C. Wyeth & Peter Hurd Illustrated Edition. 305 pages, colored plates, tight binding. Overall G to VG Condition.$39.95
HB-9351935 Hans Brinker - Charles Scribners Sons. Illustrated by George W. Edwards. With Scarce Dust Jacket! 329 pages, colored plates, tight binding, owner's inscription. Overall VG condition.$34.95
HB-9391939 Hans Brinker - Rand McNally & Company. Windmere Series. Illustrations by Milo Winter. 352 pages, light splitting at seam of inside front cover, binding relatively tight, overall Good-VG condition.$19.95
HB-9451945 Hans Brinker - Grossett Dunlap. Illustrated Junior Library. Illustrations by Cyrus Leroy Baldridge. 314 pages, lovely cover, many lovely colored and black/white illustrations, tight binding, overall VG-EX condition. Also available in Good to VG condition.$24.95

HB-945A1945 Hans Brinker - Grossett Dunlap. Illustrated Junior Library. Illustrations by Cyrus Leroy Baldridge. 289 pages, less fancy cover and smaller format than HB-945, many lovely colored and black/white illustrations, tight binding, overall VG-EX condition. Also available in VG condition.$19.95

Hans BrinkerHB-9461946 Hans Brinker - World Publishing Edition. Illustrated by Hilda Van Stockum. 335 pages, light wear to spine, Overall VG condition. With Dust Jacket. Also available without dust jacket.$24.95

Hans BrinkerHB-9541954 Hans Brinker - Junior Deluxe Editions. Illustrated by Paul Galdone. 319 pages, light wear to spine, tight binding, overall VG condition. Two copies with scarce dustcovers, two without.$19.95

Hans BrinkerHB-9671967 Hans Brinker - Scholastic Book Services. Softcover, abridged by Nora Kramer, illustrated by Don Albright. 234 pages, light wear to cover, tight binding, some edge tears, owner's inscription, overall G-VG condition.$ 2.95
Hans BrinkerHB-9701970 Hans Brinker - Classic Publishing Corporation. Illustrated by Dennis A. Dierks. 226 pages, oversize book with printed marginal annotations and word definitions. Numerous contributing artists and writers. Tight binding. Overall VG condition.$19.95
Hans BrinkerHB-9751975? Hans Brinker - International Collectors Library. Fancy gilt and embossed leather cover, ribboned book marker, no illustrations. 270 pages, tight binding, overall EX-MT condition.$19.95
Hans BrinkerHB-9881988 Hans Brinker - Scholastic Books. Softcover, no illustrations. 334 pages, light wear to cover, tight binding, overall EX condition.$ 7.95
Hans BrinkerHB-9891989 Hans Brinker - Children's Classics Deluxe Oversize Edition. Illustrated by Edna Cooke and Maginel Wright Enright. 345 pages, Excellent to Near Mint Condition.$29.95
Hans BrinkerHB-9941994 Hans Brinker - Baronet Books. Great Illustrated Classics. Adapted by Malvina G. Vogel. Illustrated by Floris Freshman. 240 pages, light wear to cover, tight binding, overall EX condition.SOLD

Vintage Effanbee Hans Brinker Doll

Hans Brinker Doll, Patinage Artistique, Patin de Hielo, Pattinaggio, Sk°yter, Skridsko

This 1982 Hans Brinker Doll was manufactured by Effanbee. The 11" tall vinyl doll is a part of the Effanbee Storybook Series and is in Mint condition. Hans has a jointed head, arms and legs and sleep eyes. He is wearing his Dutch wooden shoes and carries a pair skates in his hand. Item #: HR-001. Price: $29.95. In original box (fair condition). Shipping based on 2 pounds to your postal zone. Item #: HR-001A. Price: $24.95. No box, missing scarf, otherwise complete. Shipping is $4.60 by Priority Mail to US destinations.

Vintage Hans Brinker Plates

Hans Brinker Plate, Kunstrijden, Kunstsk°jtel°b, PatinašŃo ArtÝstica

This Delft style plate is called "The Race" and was handcrafted by Dutch Blue Of Holland America. The picture features Hans Brinker's sister Gretel in the race for the silver skates. The plate was created in 1982 to Commemorate 200 years of peaceful diplomatic relations between the U.S and The Netherlands. Item #: HP-001. Price: $29.95. Also Available From The Same Series:
1000 Guilders Plate. Item #: HP-002. Price: $29.95
Shadows In The Home Plate. Item #: HP-003. Price: $29.95
On The Canal Plate. Item #: HP-004. Price: $29.95
Hero of Harlem Plate. Item #: HP-005. Price: $29.95
The Mysterious Watch Plate. Item #: HP-006. Price: $29.95
Complete Set of 6 Plates. Save $30.00 - $149.70.

Hans Brinker Delft Style Plates

Vintage Hans Brinker Records

Hans Brinker Record

We are pleased to offer a Walt Disney LP of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. The record has a 1961copyright date on the front cover and a 1969 copyright date on the back of the cover. Both the record and cover are in very good to excellent condition. This audio version of the famous Hans Brinker story is sure to be a hit with the skating fans in your household. Item #: HR-001. Price: $9.95. Shipping is $2.95 by Media Mail or $4.60 by Priority Mail to US destinations.

Vintage Hans Brinker Skates

Hans Brinker Skates, BruslenÝ, Dailusis Ciuozimas, Eiskunstlauf

We recently acquired three pairs of vintage Dutch wooden skates manufactured by Zandstra Sneek probably in the late 1950s or the 1960s. The skates are Size 21 (European), have the Hans Brinker name as a model name and come in the original manufacturer's box with an attractive Dutch skating scene. The skates and straps are in near Mint condition! The boxes are in very good condition considering their age. I doubt we will ever find more Hans Brinker skates in such excellent condition again. You may click on the Hans Brinker Skates link to see an enlarged image of the skates. Item #: HS-001. Price: SOLD. The shipping cost will be the 2 pound Parcel Post or Priority Mail rate for your postal zone.

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Please contact me if you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributer of ice skating accessories of any kind. I specifically need suppliers for bumper stickers, calendars, coffee mugs, decorative stickers, dolls, jewelry boxes, keychains, license plate holders, ornaments, patches, picture frames, porcelain figurines, posters, safety items, stationery, sweat shirts and t-shirts. I do not plan to carry blades, boots or costumes at this time.

Ordering Procedures

You may place your order by telephone by calling 800-778-8577 from 9AM to 6PM MST (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday. If the phone is answered "American International" (my Dad's business), you've reached the right place.

An order form can be obtained by calling, faxing, e-mailing or mailing me. The form will either be faxed to you, if you have a fax number or mailed to you, if you don't. Be sure to include your name, your phone number, your fax number (if available), e-mail address and mailing address with your request. An MS-Publisher formatted copy of the order form can also be e-mailed to you upon request.

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All items are priced in U.S dollars. For U.S. customers I accept payment by personal check and money order or by American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. If you use a credit card please be sure to include the full card #, expiration date and 3 digit security code on the order form and sign the credit card authorization. Payment on foreign orders must be by certified bank check denominated in U.S dollars or by credit card.

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Let that special skater in your life know that you care. We are delighted when we can send a Free Personalized Gift Card on gift orders. Simply include the personal message that you would like sent with your order. Your message will be inscribed on an attractive gift card to convey your special thoughts and wishes.

Our complete ordering procedures are listed on our How To Order Page. A sample order form that can be printed out on your own printer is available on our Order Form Page.

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