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Ice Skating Accessories Galore Logo, Accessoires, Accessori, Acessórios, Accesorios, Zusatzgeräte

I am offering an excellent variety of ice skating and hockey accessories at great prices! You can reach each page by clicking on the buttons immediately below. I hope you enjoy my Ice Skating Accessories Galore pages and find that perfect ice skating or hockey accessory, clothing, gift or jewelry item. Information on how to order can be found at the bottom of each page.

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Note that the colors displayed are only approximate
and that they can vary significantly depending on your browser.

Blade & Boot Accessories

Terry Blade Soakers - Soft, Thick & Absorbent
New Sizes and Colors!

Terry Blade Soaker
Item #DescriptionAmount
MBC-170Terry Blade Covers, Small/Medium (Up To Size 9) Black, Blue, Forest Green, Hot Pink, Lilac, Purple, Red, Teal & White$ 8.95
MBC-170ATerry Blade Covers, Large/XL (Size 9 Up) Black, Blue, Forest Green, Hot Pink, Lilac, Purple, Red, Teal & White$ 8.95

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New! Dolphin Pals Stink-eez!

Tired of your car trunk smelling like a gym locker room? Afraid of clearing the room when you take your skates off after practice? Embarassed by that stench coming from your sports bag? We have a fun and easy way to remedy these problems! Manufactured by Fresher Footwear, our Dolphin Pals Stink-eez have a powerful non-toxic desiccant that ensures your skates stay will stay dry and odor-free. Stink-eez are the ideal way to eliminate skating boot odors. Stink-eez are available in a variety of exotic colors and designs. Available in Cinnamon or Vanilla scents. Due to the constantly changing print design and color choices offered by the manufacturer, we will do our best to match your print and color choices. Most designs will include many different colors, so we can only assure that your choice will be one of the colors included in the design. Be sure to mention your basic color choice, design choice and scent choice when ordering. Stink-eez weigh over 1 pound and will ship for the 2 pound Priority Mail rate to your postal zone, usually from $5.35 to $9.60 per pair.

 Item #DescriptionAmount
Dolphin Pals Stink-eez FF-STINKEEZDolphin Pals Stink-eez
Print Choices: Abstract, Animal, Floral or Striped
Color Choices: Blue, Green, Orange and Purple
Scent Choices: Cinnamon or Vanilla .

A Nice Selection of Lycra S-T-R-E-T-C-H Boot Covers

Not all of the illustrated colors are carried in stock. We stock 11 different colors as noted below.

Boot Covers
Item #DescriptionAmount
MBC-162Lycra - Black, White, One Size Fits All$ 9.50
MBC-162Lycra - Beige, Royal Blue, Teal, Kelly Green, Royal Purple, Pink, Hot Pink, Fuscia & Red. One Size Fits All$ 9.50

Skate & Hockey Laces

Mitchellace, the manufacturer for our laces in the past, went out of business in late 2009. While our supplies last we will be supplying Mitchellaces which come in a cotton/nylon blend. As we run of stock on the Mitchellaces, we will be switching to A & R Laces, which are made of a polyester blend. Both styles of laces are easier on the hands than 100% nylon laces and more durable than 100% cotton laces.

Skate Laces
Item #DescriptionAmount
ML3276-81WWhite Skate Laces, 81"$ 2.50
AR9094-90WWhite Skate Laces, 90"$ 2.95
AR9094-100WWhite Skate Laces, 100"$ 2.95
AR9094-108WWhite Skate Laces, 108"$ 3.50
AR9094-112WWhite Skate Laces, 112"$ 3.50
AR9094-120WWhite Skate Laces, 120"$ 3.50
ML3276-81BBlack Skate Laces, 81"$ 2.50
ML3276-90BBlack Skate Laces, 90"$ 2.95
AR9094-100BBlack Skate Laces, 100"$ 2.95
AR9094-108BBlack Skate Laces, 108"$ 3.50
AR9094-112BBlack Skate Laces, 112"$ 3.50
AR9094-120BBlack Skate Laces, 120"$ 3.50

New!A & R Folding Skate Lace Tightener

Folding Lace Tightener
Item #DescriptionAmount
AR-LACETITE This folding lace tightener comes with a durable red handle. The compact design makes it easy to store and the bright red color makes it easy to find. The heavy guage metal hook opens securely to an acute angle that keeps the lace from slipping off. A&R's unique beveled edge design makes it easier to grab the lace without ripping into it.$ 2.50

Sole & Heel Enamel, Boot Polish & Sno-Seal

Our black heel and sole enamel is a great product for use by cadets at military academies and police academies. The black heel and sole enamel is also ideal for members of military honor guards and for servicemen and women who need some real shine on their boots for those mandatory parade formations. Special bulk pricing is available to academies and military honor guard units that purchase the heel and sole enamel in quantities of 144 bottles or more at the same time.

Boot Care Products
Item #DescriptionAmount
WHIT-ENAMWhittemore Heel & Sole Enamel. Choice of Black, Brown or Neutral. 4 Ounces.$ 2.95
DURA-PRO Hoffco Liquid Boot Polish. Choice of White or Black. 4 Ounces.$ 5.95
SNO-SEALSno-Seal All Season Leather Protection. 7 Ounces. Great For Waterproofing Boot Soles!$ 6.95

Please note that our boot care enamels and polishes are packaged as liquids in glass or plastic bottles. Each bottle comes in a sealed cardboard box which we then carefully seal within a zip lock bag. These products can leak due to air pressure differences in airplane cargo holds, being turned upside down, etc., so they usually have to be shipped by Parcel Post instead of Priority Mail. We package these products very carefully, but can not accept responsibility for loss or damage due to accidental leakage of the contents.

Jingle Bells! Skate Pom Poms!

Our pom poms are soft, fluffy, a full 3" in diameter and sport a jingling bell on each pom! Choose from a wide variety of colors. (All colors not illustrated). Supplied with attached durable laces to easily secure the pom poms to your skates. Sold by the Pair.

Skate Pom Poms
Item #DescriptionAmount
POM-BLBlack Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-BULight Blue Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-GREmerald Green Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-MUMulticolor Skate Pom Poms$ 3.75
POM-PIPink Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-PUPurple Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-RBRoyal Blue Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-RERed Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-WHWhite Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25
POM-YEYellow Skate Pom Poms$ 3.25

Sk8Tape ® - Protect Your Skates!

Protect your skates with world famous Sk8Tape developed by Charles Sinek to help pay for his ice dance training. Handra & Sinek represented the US as our 2nd dance team at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. Sk8Tape is a highly specialized vinyl tape developed for use by competitive, professional and recreational skaters. It is used to protect leather from scrapes, scratches and scuff-marks and also to give skates a remarkably clean bright look that no polish can match. Sk8Tape is inconspicuous and is intended for use in both practice and competition. Sk8Tape will not harm leather. It is waterproof and will not come off while skating, yet it can be easily removed and will not leave a sticky mess. The wide tape is used to cover large areas of your skates and the narrow tape is used to finish off the toes and other small areas of your skates. Supplied with complete instructions. Available in individual rolls of white, black and beige Sk8Tape in narrow and wide widths. Most skaters will use twice as much wide tape as narrow tape.

Sk8Tape Protects Your Skates
Item #DescriptionAmount
ST-TAPEBLNBlack 3/4" Tape, Per Roll$ 3.50
ST-TAPEBLWBlack 1-1/2" Tape, Per Roll$ 6.95
ST-TAPEWHNWhite 3/4" Tape, Per Roll$ 3.50
ST-TAPEWHWWhite 1-1/2" Tape, Per Roll$ 6.95
ST-TAPEBENBeige 3/4" Tape, Per Roll$ 3.50
ST-TAPEBEWBeige 1-1/2" Tape, Per Roll$ 6.95

GuarDog Universal Deluxe ®,
Gelz ®, Glitz ®, Glowz ®, Pearlz® & Ty-DYZ® Skate Guards

We are please to offer a nice selection of Universal Deluxe, Gelz, Glitz, Glowz, Pearlz and TyDyz flexible skate guards manufactured by GuarDog (commonly mispelled as GuardDog or Guard Dog). The front and back pieces hold and protect the skates. The flexible center piece holds the ends together with holding pins that push and lock into place. The softer material makes these guards much easier to cut and size than the Center-Flex skateguards. Buy several pairs to create mix and match color combinations! Dozens of colors available! You may click on the Thumbnail Images below to see a GuarDog Universal Deluxe Skate Guards Page with all of the available color choices. Please be sure to mention your color choice(s) when ordering. First Class shipping for one pair of guards within the US will be $4.00. Priority Mail shipping costs within the US will be $5.35 for 1 pair and from $5.35 to $9.60 for 2 pairs of skateguards. Shipping to Canada for 1 pair of guards will be $5.40.

 Item #DescriptionAmount
Guardog Universal Deluxe Skate Guards, Patin de Hielo, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique

Guardog Universal Deluxe Skate Guards, Patin de Hielo, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique

Guardog Universal Deluxe Skate Guards, Patin de Hielo, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique







Available Colors include Black, White & Red. Limited Supplies: Royal Blue & Silver.

Available Colors include Blue Gelz, Clear Gelz, Green Gelz, Pink Gelz and Purple Gelz

Available Colors include Blue Glitz, Gold Glitz, Green Glitz, Pink Glitz, Purple Glitz, Red Glitz, Royal Blue Glitz and Silver Glitz

Available Colors include Blue Glowz, Green Glowz, Orange Glowz, Pink Glowz and Yellow Glowz

Available Colors include Blue Pearlz, Green Pearlz, Orange Pearlz (NEW), Pink Pearlz, Purple Pearlz, White Pearlz & Yellow Pearlz (NEW)

NEW TY-DYZ - Available Colors include Groovy Grape Twister, Merry Melon Medley & Tangly Lime Swirl

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

$ 9.95

Avant-Guards ® Skateguards

We have replaced the Avant-Guards (manufacturer is out of business) with the Guardog Centipede skate guards listed below. We still have a small supply of the metal replacement springs that hold the guards in place on the skate blade available.

Item #DescriptionAmount
U004Pair Replacement Springs$ 1.25 Pair

New!Guardog Centipede Skate Guards ®

Our durable, easy-to-adjust and one-size-fits-all Guardog Centipede Skate Guards ® require no screws or bolts. Price includes 1 pair of plastic sizing loops. Please note that Guardog has discontinued many of the old Centipede colors and added new Gelz, Glitz and Pearlz colors. The Gelz designs have translucent rather than solid colors, the Glitz colors are filled with sparkles and the Pearlz colors have a shiny glow! Click on the Thumbnail Image to see a Centipede Skate Guards Page with all of the color choices. Please be sure to mention your color choice(s) when ordering. The Priority Mail shipping cost for one pair of skateguards will be $5.35 to $5.95 and Airmail shipping to Canada will be $5.40.

 Item #DescriptionAmount
Centipede Skate Guards, Patin de Hielo, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique
SG-CENTIAvailable Colors include Black, White, Blue Gelz, Pink Gelz, Purple Gelz, White Gelz, Blue Glitz, Gold Glitz, Pink Glitz, Blue Pearlz, Coral Pearlz, Green Pearlz, Hot Pink Pearlz & Purple Pearlz.$ 5.25

Guardog ® Centipede Hockey Guards

Guardog Economical Centipede #6 Hockey Guards - We are please to offer Guardog's Centipede #6 hockey guards in five color choices. The one piece design requires no difficult assembly. Simply slip the retainer loops into the right sizing holes for your blades and the guards are ready to use. Most people will cut the tail ends of the guards to extend 1/2" to 1" beyond the end of their hockey blades. Sold by the pair. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Silver and White. The shipping weight on these skateguards is over 1 pound which will cost from $5.35 to $9.60 by Priority Mail depending on your postal zone.

Guardog Hockey Guards, Eishockey, Hokej, Ijshockey, Ishockey,
Item #DescriptionAmount
CENTHCKY-BLBlack $ 6.50
CENTHCKY-SI Silver$ 6.50
CENTHCKY-WHWhite$ 6.50

Transpack Skating Backpacks

We are pleased to feature the innovative Transpack Skating Backpack line which replaces the skating bag line we used to stock. Using a patented isoceles triangle design, these backpacks distribute the weight of your skates and accessories evenly across your back. The mesh side panels are used to store your skates and allow them to breath and dry out, thereby extending the life of your skates. The generously sized center section is used to store boot covers, Kleenex, music, skateguards, tights, towels and all the other accessories carried by the average skater. The Regular size backpacks handle all of the needs of a typical skater. The larger Expo model is recommended for storing and carrying larger hockey boots and speed skates. Transpack Skating Backpacks are so much better than the old fashioned skating bags that we used to offer. Images of the other colors available can be seen by clicking on Transpack Skating Bags. The shipping cost is based on the rate for 3 pounds to your postal zone (from $5.95 to $11.35).

Transpack Skating Backpack
Item #DescriptionAmount
TP681-01Black Regular. List Price $36.95.$32.95
TP681-02Black & Navy Regular. List $36.95.$32.95
TP681-05Black & Purple Regular. List $36.95.$32.95
TP681-09Black & Powder Blue Regular. List $36.95.$32.95
TP681-10Black & Teal Green Regular. List $36.95.$32.95
TP681-18Black & Pink Regular. List $36.95.$32.95
TP682-44Pink Leopard, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-46Floral Blue, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-48Floral Pink, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-31NEW - Teal Stars, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-36NEW - Powder Blue Stars, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-37NEW - Pink Stars, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP682-38NEW - Purple Stars, Regular. List $39.95.$36.95
TP131-01Black Expo. List Price $49.95.$44.95
TP131-02Black & Blue Expo. List $49.95.$44.95
TP131-04NEW - Black & Red Expo. List $49.95.$44.95
TP131-05Black & Purple Expo. List $49.95.$44.95
TP131-10Black & Yellow Expo. List $49.95.$44.95

The Original Hard Plastic World Famous Skate Spinner

The Skate Spinner is a figure skating and ice dancing training device that scientifically simulates the skating blade on the ice and enables skaters and dancers to practice spins, turns, jumps and good basic figure skating or dance positions. The Skate Spinner was designed by a former world and Olympic competitor, professional skater and coach, and was constructed by engineers using computer technology. Using the Skate Spinner will improve your balance, your ability to center spins, your air position in jumps and the mechanics of your turns. Each Skate Spinner comes with an illustrated instruction manual. The Skate Spinner is made of durable hard plastic and works on any smooth surface. The surface of the spinner fits a shoe perfectly and the bottom of the Skate Spinner simulates the skating blade profile to mimic the technique of the skating foot – finding the sweet spot in the spinning position or the proper rolling action during jump take offs. Made in Canada. The Skate Spinner is light and compact, requires virtually no maintenance and fits easily into any skate bag. You'll arrive at the rink prepared for both you on-ice and off-ice practice. The Skate Spinner is available in 3 colors - Blue, Red or Purple. Please be sure to mention your color choice when you pay for your order.

Skate Spinner
Item #DescriptionAmount
SS-01Hard Plastic Skate Spinner, 3 Color Choices.$34.95

About the Inventor: Zdenek Pazdirek was born in Czechoslovakia. He was the 2-time Czechoslovakian Figure Skating Champion in 1974 and 1975. From 1970 – 1976 he represented Czechoslovakia at the European and World Championships and in 1976 at the Innsbruck Olympics. Zdenek then skated professionally with Holiday on Ice from 1981-1989. Since 1989 Zdenek has lived in Canada and coached students at all levels including the Canadian Nationals. He designed Skate Spinner in 1989.

"The most important thing in skating is finding your center. There is nothing better than Skate Spinner to do this - not even skates!" - Karen Magnussen - 1973 World Champion

Safety First! The Skate Spinner is not a toy and should not be used around furniture or any large objects with sharp corners. Young skaters should only use the Skate Spinner with adult supervision. Before you start your exercises make sure you have enough space around you to practice. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer will be liable for accidents, injuries or damages arising from or resulting from use or misuse of the product.


Please contact me if you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributer of ice skating accessories of any kind. I specifically need suppliers for bumper stickers, calendars, coffee mugs, decorative stickers, dolls, jewelry boxes, keychains, license plate holders, ornaments, patches, picture frames, porcelain figurines, posters, safety items, stationery, sweat shirts and t-shirts. I do not plan to carry blades, boots or costumes at this time.

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Let that special skater in your life know that you care. We are delighted when we can send a Free Personalized Gift Card on gift orders. Simply include the personal message that you would like sent with your order. Your message will be inscribed on an attractive gift card to convey your special thoughts and wishes.

Our complete ordering procedures are listed on our How To Order Page. A sample order form that can be printed out on your own printer is available on our Order Form Page.

How To Order Sample Order Form

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Ice Skating Accessories Galore Logo, Accessoires, Zusatzgeräte, Accessori, Acessórios, Accesorios

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