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Ice Skating Clipart Galore has received many awards, but I think you will be surprised by my favorite awards.

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My Favorite Awards

11-20-97 - My daughter is six and has been skating for a year and a half. She has a binder listing what she's supposed to practice, but since she's a begining reader, it's hard for her to understand sometimes. I'm going to use some of your images so she can see a graphic of the move to help her know what to practice.

Thanks again
Jennifer Wong

12-10-97 - I came across your website and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the little history lesson on ice skating. I was looking for hockey clipart for one of my sites and your's has done the trick. Many thanks and happy holidays!

Best Wishes,
Jen Gormley

02-02-98 - We are Mr. Thompson's 3rd grade class from Grants Pass, Oregon. We are in a brand new school this year. We are studying about the Olympics and really liked the cool Website. Please write back.

Mr. Thompson's Class
Parkside Elementary

03-11-98 - Thanks for giving me the information of where I could write about the injustice done in Nagano. It was nothing more that a pre-judged popularity contest and I told the ISU and the IOC as much.

Thanks again!
Ice Dancer,

05-01-98 - I love your site, I also do the club newsletter, so your graphics have come in SO handy. I did the program for a provincial championship hockey tournament here too, and got all kinds of hockey graphics from your site as well! Keep up the good work!

Bev Burrell
Sherwood Park FSC

06-08-98 - We appreciate your site...Elizabeth is a new skater and I really hope to learn a lot from your page!! Thanks

Elizabeth's MOM

07-15-98 - As the director of the Baltimore On Ice Celebration (here in Baltimore, MD), I would like to thank you for putting together such a great website on ice skating. I run the city's outdoor ice rink and coordinate our annual Winterfest, so the information and products I found on your website will certainly come in handy during the upcoming season.

Melissa Ritchey

09-05-98 - I have used your pages for some time now to get clipart for our club newsletter. I've now set up a WEB page for our clubs - Perth Figure Skating Club and Perth Junior Ice Hockey Club in Scotland. Thanks for your very useful page.

Sandy Pearson

10-15-98 - I was sooooo happy when I found your site; it was very, very, helpful.

Emily Henderson
Penguin FSC

11-05-98 - Hello again. Thanks for the last shipment a couple of months ago. I've received them in perfect order, and have given them to other members of my Ice Dance Club, and they're ecstatic. As we expected, there are now a lot of other people who would like to get the same.

Hiew Hong Liang
Western Australia

11-14-98 - I was looking for some ice skating clip art to use in invitations for a skating birthday party for my son, Michael. Found just what I needed and enjoyed the visit!

Ron Belliveau

05-17-99 - I work in the skating industry as a special events coordinator and a precision team manager so I am always looking for good skating sites. And yours is GREAT! I am sure I'll be back often. Thanks for all the great clip art, too! It will really help me with my newsletters.

Thanks again,

06-17-99 - The clipart was brilliant and your ice skating diary was really interesting! There were loads of really cool links too!

Victoria Davies
Great Britain

06-28-99 - I would like to buy some things I've seen in your web. I bought several things here two months ago, so I know how it works. I'm very happy with your service and how fast you send the items.

Anna Bolderas
Barcelona, Spain

12-19-99 - I received my order safe and sound, and right in time for the birthday party.

Thanks so much!

06-12-02 - WOW!!!! I can't believe it, a place where I can find ringette clip art. You are MY HERO! I used to have to surf to those sites to copy the graphics myself, but now there is a place where they are all together.

Renee Mieras

09-06-02 - Thank you for getting the Zamboni to me so quickly, I really appreciate it. Here is a picture of the cake it went on :)

Tiffany Streett

11-19-02 - On behalf of the Airdrie Skating Club, I would like to Thank You for your exceptional service. We received our skate blades within a week, glued them onto our teddy bears, and we are all ready for the large figure skating competition which takes place at the end of this month.

Thank You
Anita Kohnen

My Other Awards

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Best of Net Award
August 29, 1997
Sports Site Of The DayFeatured In NetGuide
September 26, 1997
Best of Net Award Family-Friendly Site
Awarded 4 Dogs
TuDogs Award
By Tudogs
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January 27, 1998
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February 20, 1998
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Taz Award
November 26, 1998
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November 26, 1998
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March 31, 1999
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August 18, 1999
Outstanding Figure Award
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