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The pictures in Ice Skating Clipart Galore are grouped by subject matter. You may use the menu buttons just below the Introduction to switch between the pages.

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The graphics are organized into subject groupings of similar images. Many of the images are thumbnails of the actual larger image. Clicking on the thumbnail will display the image in it's regular size. Please do not access these images on your website directly from my site! If you want to use these graphics on a website, please download them and upload them to your own site. To download an image, right click on the image and select your "Save As" option. You can right click on the thumbnail images too, if you prefer to save the smaller image. Some browsers like the AOL browser can not be used this way to download images. Providing a link to our website if use any of the images is always appreciated. Thanks for visiting and come back soon to see even more images!

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Nagano Olympics Ice & Speed Skating Images

The Nagano Olympics included competitions in singles, pairs and ice dancing as well as speed skating. These images came directly from the 1998 Nagano Olympics site. I'm sure the Nagano Olympic Committee would appreciate a link to their site, if you decide to use these graphics on your web pages.

Nagano Olympic Pair Skaters, Olympiaden
Nagano Olympic Speed Skaters, Eisschnellauf, SchaatsenNagano Olympic Short Track Skaters

Enchantment On Ice Figure Skating Images

The following images came from t-shirts, paper dolls and posters that are offered for sale by Enchantment On Ice. If you're looking for ice skating accessories, books, costumes, jewelry or skates, this is a great site to visit! Please provide a link to Enchantment On Ice, if you use these images.

Figure SkaterSkater Spinning, Patin de Hielo, Pattinaggio, Skøyter, SkridskoLayback Spin, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique Layback SpinFigure SkaterFemale Skater, Eiskunstlauf, Kunstrijden

Portage Lake Figure Skating Club

These cool images of jumps came from the Portage Lake Figure Skating Club site. You can find the history of each of the jumps by going to their "Getting The Jump" page. Many of the other clipart images on these pages also came from the Portage Lake Figure Skating Club site. If you've got Crescendo, you'll love their cool ice skating music!

Triple Salchow

Triple Salchow

Triple Lutz

Triple Lutz

Triple Loop

Triple Loop

Triple Axel

Triple Axel

I 'Wanna Ride A Zamboni!

Large Zamboni

My clipart pages wouldn't be complete without some Zamboni images! Everybody I know at the rink wants to ride the Zamboni. These cool machines scrape the ice, spray hot water on the ice and then spread it around with a giant towel. The ice is so nice and smooth when the Zamboni is done. Click on Mystery Zamboni Image for a surprise! The best web site I found with information about Zambonis was The Zam @ The Neutral Zone. Is there a cooler machine in the world than a Zamboni? I doubt it!

Blue Zamboni Divider
Red Zamboni Divider

Small Zamboni Blue Zamboni Zamboni Rides $1 Snoopy On A Zamboni Zamboni Background

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If you know of any ice skating images (excluding photographs) that are not on these Ice Skating Clipart Galore pages, please e-mail me the web address of the page with the images. If the images are not copyrighted, I'll add as many of them to these pages as I can. Thanks again for visiting. Check back often, as I will be adding more images on a regular basis.

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If you've been looking for a nice selection of ice skating accessories at good prices, you've come to the right place. My Ice Skating Accessories Galore pages feature blade and boot covers, gift wraps, beautiful jewelry, ornaments, scrunchies, skate bags, skate guards, skate polishes, skating gloves, skating pins, tights, Zamboni ® products and other nifty skating accessories! Best of all the selection is expanding rapidly!

Ice Skating In The Desert

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