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Ice Skating
In the Desert

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Hello There,

My name is Lisa Ilona Hlavacek and I am 17 years old. My favorite hobby is ice skating. In early August, 2001, we moved to Colorado Springs and I now skate at the Sertich Ice Rink and the World Arena. I take figure skating and ice dance lessons 6 times a week and have practice sessions 5 times a week. I also take ballet lessons and work out twice a week at a sports fitness center. I guess I'll have to change the name of my Home Page to something like Skating In The Mountains, since I don't live in Albuquerque any more. You can go to my Ice Skating Page for more information about my skating. The page also contains a foreign skating terms glossary with words like Bruslení, Eiskunstlauf, Patinação Artística, Patinage Artistique, Patin de Hielo, Pattinaggio, Patinaje, Skøyter and Skridsko. You can search using these words to find some great figure skating links.

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I also have 21 Ice Skating Clipart Galore Pages that have won a Best of the Net award from You can download Over 450 ice skating and figure skating images for use on your own pages. The pages include graphics for single female skaters, single male skaters, pairs, groups, synchronized (precision) skating, outdoors skating, boots, cartoons, backgrounds, icons, slogans, Olympic skating, speedskating, hockey and more!

Cat In Window

I Love Cats

Cat In Window

I love kittens and cats. I have 2 cats, though I used to have 4. The cats I lost were named Solo and Fluffy. Solo always had stickers and other stuff on his tail. Fluffy always kept her fur clean and silky. Fluffy and Solo are black 'n' white and they were 4 year olds from the same litter when they disappeared. Rascal, a white cat with a gray forehead, is a 6 year old male. He runs away from you when you chase him to bring him inside until he gets tired and flops down. Patches is a gray and white 9 year old female. She is the mother of the other 3. She can be moody at times, but loves to have her neck and ears scratched, plus she loves hogging my twin-sized bed.

Pansy Pansy

I Love Pansies

Pansy Pansy

Since I lived near the mountains in Northeast Albuquerque for 6 years, the natural plants near my home were pinyons, cacti and tumbleweeds. My Dad planted a small flower bed near our front door and my favorite flowers were the pansies. We had a big trumpet vine that hummingbirds loved on the other side of our house and some lavendar plants that smell wonderful in front of our courtyard. Bees loved the lavendar too and you had to be careful walking by the lavendar when they were in bloom. The best place to see pansies in Albuquerque is at the Botanical Gardens near the Aquarium. Now that I live in Colorado Springs, I hope to plant a huge variety of flowers this Spring. I hope to include some pansies in the flower barrels as well as near the fence. I would also love to get a couple of rose bushes soon.

Yellow VW Bug

I Count Slug Bugs

Yellow VW Bug

Someday when I get my license, one of the cars I hope to own is a new "slug bug." I wouldn't mind owning the old version as a first car even. I like the style, and they tend to be pretty affordable cars. I used to count them all the time when I was younger, when the game was introduced to me in fifth grade by a classmate of mine. Soon afterward it became a trend for me to compete against my father to see who could find the most slug bugs. Usually I won, because he had to keep his eye on the road, which was probably a good idea on his part. Eventually I counted them just for the heck of it. Ah, the good ol' childhood memories.....^_^

I Love Mew

I Love Pokemon
and Mew!

Team Rocket

One of the things that I've fallen in love with is Pokemon. I love each and everything about it. I share this passion with Brooke, who is one of my best friends. I play the video game (that's how I got started), I watch the show non-stop, and I also collect the trading cards. Am I obsessed or what? XD My favorite Pokemon is Mew, a very rare psychic cat Pokemon that is loving, caring and adorable. It loves everybody, including the mischievious Team Rocket, whom I also adore. Team Rocket is a Pokemon poacher organization that consists of many members. The main ones you see are James, Jesse, and their colleague Meowth, who is one of the only Pokemon who is actually able to talk. They are a poetic team that is desperately trying to capture Pokemon for their mean boss, Giovanni. As evil as they try to be, they are hopelessly good-natured and are really caring in the end, especially about each other and their Pokemon. They even have helped the "twerps" sometimes, who are usually their main objects of pestering for Pokemon, especially with the never-ending mission to capture Ash's Pikachu. More than anything, Team Rocket are just semi-bad guys that you love for their personality and determination.

Books & Pen

Writing Poetry Is Fun

Books & Pen

Songs tend to be written as poetry, and I like songs that rhyme with wonderful ease and a fluid quality. The Name Game is really fun, because you can sing and make up rhymes at the same time. I can sing the Name Game to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" which competely tongue twists everybody else in my family except my brother Mike. Writing poetry is a great hobby for me. Rhyming words can be hard sometimes, but you get a real sense of accomplishment when you find a word that rhymes and matches what you are trying to say. I also love to write some poems that don't really even rhyme at all. I never seem to finish any of them, though. However, I have written 9 poems which you can see on my Poetry Page. These are poems that I've written over the years, and it's interesting to see how the writing matures. One was written even as far back as fourth grade, "Kittens in Mittens," which was edited later in fifth grade. Eventually, I hope to get some more poems up that were written more recently.

I'm Sorry, That's 3 Wishes!

Cool Computer Cartoons

My Dad is a Computer Consultant who helps people with accounting software and forms for their accounting software. He gets advertising credits on Link Exchange when people visit his pages. My Dad is a nice guy and gives everybody a 10% discount when they order from him. He says that putting a link to his pages is blatant commercialism, but I guess I'll let him do it since he helped me with my pages. Besides, he's putting a link to my home page on his Credits page! You can click on the cartoon image on the left to see the cool computer cartoons on each of his pages.

US Flag

Prayers & Wishes

US Flag

My prayers and wishes for the best go to all of the people that lost loved ones in the attack on the World Trade Center. My prayers and best wishes also go to President Bush and everyone involved in bringing the terrorists to justice.

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Ice Skating In The Desert

This is where it all started. Visit Ice Skating In The Desert to learn about my favorite skaters, to read my not so secret diary, to guess the identity of my Mystery Skaters, to discover a foreign skating terms glossary or to enjoy some poems I've composed.

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Contact Information

I enjoy receiving e-mail about ice skating, cats, pansies and poetry.
If you would like to be my penpal, you can reach me at the following e-mail address:

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