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Information about banner advertising and sponsoring specific pages or sections of Ice Skating Clipart Galore and Ice Skating Accessories Galore is contained in the sections immediately below.

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Banner Ads & Site Sponsorship

Promote your hockey or skating events, products and services. Figure Skating Associations, Clubs, Pro Shops, Skating Rinks, Teams and Accessories Manufacturers are invited to learn how easy it is to sponsor sections of our high traffic pages. We can help you achieve your short term and long term marketing and promotion goals. Build traffic to your own hockey or skating related site by delivering your high impact message to the thousands of people that visit Ice Skating Clipart Galore and Ice Skating Accessories Galore every month!

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Skating Organizations Site Sponsorship Graphics FAQ Page

Site Sponsorship Information

We offer a banner sponsorship progam that allows figure skating associations, clubs, pro shops, skating rinks, teams and skating accessory manufacturers to sponsor sections or pages of Ice Skating Clipart Galore and Ice Skating Accessories Galore. Only two or three banners will be allowed per page. Banner placements will generally be at the top or bottom of an appropriate or related section. As an example, we would recommend placing an ad for a speedskating club on our Speedskating Page immediately above or below the speedskating images. Technical specifications and costs for sponsoring a section are as follows:

Banner sizes may either be 400 x 40 (Small LinkExchange Banner Size) or 468 x 60 and are limited to a 10K file size for the rates quoted. Animated banners will be accepted provided that they meet this file size requirement. The banner must be supplied by you either as an e-mail .GIF or .JPG file attachment or in the form of a URL address that can be used to download your banner image. Banners may be changed once per month at no additional charge. We will quote rates on larger banners, but strongly encourage advertisers to use smaller K-sizes for faster load times.

We will add a line of small text immediately above and below each banner as follows:

Above - A short marketing slogan of your choice.
Below - "Keep Ice Skating Clipart Galore Free! Please Visit Our Sponsors"

A free short marketing slogan of your choice may also be added to the <img alt> tag which displays when a mouse cursor passes over the banner.

Typical Banner Ad Example

High School Sports Fans - Access Over 1,000 High School Sports Web Sites!
Local School Sports Results From Around The Nation - From ESPN
Keep Ice Skating Clipart Galore Free! Please Visit Our Sponsors

The monthly rate for a standard banner is $30 payable with your order. Monthly banners are not available on our title page and banner placement preference on all pages will be given to quarterly contract advertisers. The quarterly contract rate for a banner is $75.

Frequency Charges: Our rates were reduced 20% as of June 1, 1999; another 25% as of March 1, 2001 and yet another 33% as of January 1, 2004. We now charge $ .01 per exposure rates when your banner is on a page or a group of pages which exceed 3000 hits per month. This charge replaces the flat rate charge outlined above. Charges will be based on the number of hits for the page(s) during the previous calendar quarter and will apply to the following calendar quarter. Quarterly pricing examples are provided below for banner placements on pages that had 3000, 6000 and 9000 hits per month during the previous quarter:

3000 Hits X $ .01 X 3 Months = $ 90.00
6000 Hits X $ .01 X 3 Months = $180.00
9000 Hits X $ .01 X 3 Months = $270.00

As of February 2003 our Female Skating Images, Special Images and Hockey I pages are receiving over 4,000 page hits per month. Most of the other clipart pages are receiving between 1,500 and 3,500 hits per month. Our Clipart Title Page is receiving over 10,000 page hits per month in the Winter and over 4,000 page hits per month in the Summer. Reduced rates are available to advertisers who contract for banner placements on 3 or more pages. Also, we provide multiple banner ads on lower traffic pages for the price of one banner to guarantee you a minimum of 2500 exposures per month. Monthly page hit statistics will be provided to all advertisers at no charge and may be requested before you advertise to assist in making ad placement choices. Banner placements will be made on a first come first served basis and contract advertisers will have the right to maintain their current banner placements upon renewal of their contracts.

We do not accept advertising for Lisa's personal Ice Skating In The Desert, I Love Ice Skating, Favorite Skaters, Poetry and Diary pages. We do not accept advertising for "adult" sites, MLM sites or sports gambling sites. We reserve the right to refuse advertising from any organization or site that does not meet our skating related or general audience marketing objectives.

Please e-mail us at to order a banner advertisement or to request an e-mail or fax copy of our advertising contract and our latest monthly statistical report. Our overall traffic is generally lighter during the Summer and averages between 35-45,000 page hits per month. We average between 55,000 and 75,000 page hits in October and November and reach 80,000 to 100,000 page hits in December through March. We cleared 100,000 page hits for the first time in February 2002. We are the ideal targeted advertising medium for the skating related association, club, manufacturer, retailer, skating rink or team.

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