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What's New covers new page additions, site updates and site improvements made at during the past 12 to 36 months. Updates are listed chronologically for each major section of the site with the most recent changes listed first.

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May 2003 - We added a new Hans Brinker Clipart Page with more than 20 vintage skating images adapted from images published in various editions of the famous book, Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge. A special (and cool) Congratulations Banner was added to my Pairs Skaters Clipart Page for Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz.

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Visit My New Clipart Site - Gymnastics Clipart Galore!
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March 2005 - A new section on Printing Downloaded Image Files was added to our Graphics FAQ Page.

July 2004 - A new Graphics FAQ Page was added to provide answers to frequently asked graphics questions.

Skating Organizations Site Sponsorship Graphics FAQ Page

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Ice Skating Accessories Galore!

July 2008 - New merchandise selections were added including Ty-Dyz Skateguards by Guardog on our Accessories Page,.several Zamboni novelty items including a Snoopy Diecast Zamboni, a Snoopy Driving the Zamboni Pin, Zamboni Post-it Notes, a Zamboni Crossing Pin (All On Our Zamboni II Page) and Guardog Skateguard Keychains on our Cool Items I Page. Items being added in the near future include Zookers Blade Covers, Centipede Hockey Guards by Guardog, a New Scrapbooking Page, updated images and product information on our Bunga Pads Page and some skating bumper stickers on our Cool Items II Page.

June 2008 - Our Accessories Pages and Order Form pages were updated for the new postal rates that went into effect on May 12th.

July 2007 - Our Accessories and Order Form pages were updated for the new postal rates that went into effect on May 14th. New merchandise items were added including a new selection of skating gloves on our Clothing Items Page and new skating party favors on our Cool Items I Page. We recently added a Stuffed Animal category to our eBay Store that includes over 200 Russ Berrie ® L'il Peepers ®, Luv Pets ® and Yomiko Classics ® stuffed animals.

August 2006 - We opened an eBay store with the eBay ID of " sk8usa". Banner links were added on all of our merchandise pages to allow customers to link directly to the store. The store will feature mostly items for which we have regular sources of supply such as accessories, gifts, party favors and tights. One of a kind items and collectible items such as skating books, figurines, plates, prints, programs and videos will only be featured in the store when we have an excellent supply available. Pricing in the eBay store is similar to the pricing found on our website, but will not always match our website prices exactly. We do accept PayPal on our eBay store purchases.

July 2006 - We are pleased to announce that we have added American Express to the cards that we accept on credit card orders. All of our merchandise pages have been updated accordingly. We also added the requirement imposed by credit card processors for security codes to be included on all credit card orders. For most cards this is a 3-digit code on the back of the card. For American Express the security code is 4-digits long.

May 2006 - My Dad had two serious operations in January and February, one for a cancerous bladder tumor and the other for an aortic aneurism. We are just now updating the website for the postal rate increase that went into effect in January. New stock items already added to the website include all of our Mondor tights, a new Pucks Hockey Teddy Bear, a new Skating 3D T-Shirt design and the return of Salvino Skating Bammers. New pages for Bunga Pads and Blade Babies backpack clips, keychains, soakers and towels were also added. Other new products added to the website include Stink-eez to solve boot odor problems on our Accessories Page and new Upper Deck diecast Zambonis with Hockey Collector Cards on out Diecast Zambonis Page.

December 2005 - We have added a nice selection of hockey and skating watches to our Jewelry I Page. A new and wider color selection of boot covers and skate guards were added to our Accessories Page. We have added Bunga Pads to our stock and they will be featured on a new page in the near future. A new Zamboni t-shirt and a remote control Zamboni toy were added to our Zamboni Pages. New pages have been added for Skating Costumes & Dresses, Skating Tights and Hockey Gifts & Party Items.

June 2005 - We recently acquired Dontee's Skating Gallery of Bismarck, ND and have added a huge stock of skating costumes, dresses, gift items, novelties, stuffed animals, sweaters and tights to our inventory. We will be setting up as vendors at many more competitions in the future including most competitions previously attended by Dontee's Skating Gallery. The competitions we will attend will primarily be in the following states: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Our website will be updated over time to include the new inventory that we have added to our stock.

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March 2005 - My mother passed away in February 2005 after battling thyroid cancer for 5 months. My Diary Page was updated for August 2004 through March 2005 and includes my tribute and my father's tribute to Vicki Lynn Hlavacek at her memorial service.

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